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Jingwei Textile Machinery Co。, Ltd。 devotes itself to providing the customers with intelligent, automated, continuous and information full-process complete spinning equipment and solution, with high efficiency and energy saving。 It the overall goals of realization the automatic distribution from raw material to the yarn, cotton assorting and spinning process parameters optimization, equipment running status and semi-product quality on-line detection and fault analysis, remote diagnosis expert system, The blowing-carding unit fully combines the advanced technical feature of high capacity, high efficiency and adeptness。 According to different spinning requirements, the blowing-carding production line has modular design to spin different materials such as cotton of various grade, chemical fiber, cellulosic fiber, recycled cotton, waste dropping and blending or mélange etc。 In the line, the Foreign Fiber Sorter adopts multiple detecting units to ensure high resolution, Blow room has a series of working width from1。2m to 2m, the actual output of single line can reached 1500kg/h。 The machine width of high-production card has been extended to 1200mm and 1500mm by elevating cylinder and adding carding area, so the output has been improved greatly to break through 100kg/h。 The equipment performance is stable and reliable and it is easy to clean and maintain。 The technology running rate can reach 100%。

  • Category :Power and Energy
  • Client :Energy Producers Ltd
  • Date :18th Aug, 2017
  • Rating :
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